Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and meet author Van Heerling!
AM: If there was anything else you could do (other than writing) what would that be?

VH: I would be an astrophysicist. I don’t think I have the brains for it though, too bad really.
Are you currently reading anything?

Yes, I am reading “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. I won’t spoil it. If you are looking for something different, it is a must read.
How do you balance your personal life with your writing career?

I have a one-year-old boy and a very patient wife. It can be difficult at times. I have heard many people that want to write say that they just don’t have time. I think for the most part, that is just an excuse for not writing. I believe if you are passionate about something, you are going to make it happen. That said, I do my best writing when I should be sleeping.
What is your viewpoint on the current publishing trends?

It’s an author’s market right now. Never before have we (writers) been able to reach such a wide audience without seeking approval from a traditional publisher. Nothing wrong with traditional publishers at all, I only wish to point out that the pendulum has shifted to the side of the author and reader. Now more than ever the reader has the power to raise an author to the heights of stardom or cast him/her to the pits of obscurity.
Do you have any upcoming events or book promotions?

Yes, my latest story is Dreams of Eli. I do hope you will take a look. Here is a sneak peek.
Southern soldier Eli West wakes in a cave and discovers he is held captive by a soldier of the Union. Shot, drugged, and tortured, he descends into the darkness and the beauty of his unconscious, uncovering a time when he was still in love, a time before war, a time before everything fell away.”
Where can people find you and your work on the web?
I can be found on Amazon.
Thank you so much Amy.
Author Bio:
Van lives in Burbank, California with the lingering spirit of Redford—his adopted morbidly obese cat, which was more of a paperweight than a feisty feline, his wife and boy and their very alive kitty—Abigail.
Van always enjoys hearing from his readers. If you wish to send your comments you may do so at
Twitter handle: @vanheerling
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Van Heerling
Twitter: @vanheerling


  1. Great interview! I agree that sometimes writing means sleeping less . . .

  2. I agree, good interview. And I totally agree with Katheryn, and so glad Van gave up some sleep to tell us a few good stories. I think it was so worth it. So get some sleep, and write again. Looking forward to your next book!