Monday, May 7, 2012

Interview with April O'Brien

"April was here" is my auto autobiography yet reads like the best novel ever. Action adventure, survival, thriller and all that a gripping read needs to be.

I am originally from a small, small town that is now a legal ghost town called picher, Oklahoma, the population was about 500 until it was boarded up and marked as one of the most toxic places in the world. I have lived in almost every state but now make my home in the mountains above Denver, Co.

My unbelievable life is what caused me to start writing. I survived and lived this life for the specific reason to write about it. Then I found that writing came naturally to me. I am a story teller at heart and write in more than one genre. Even when I read one of my books I get lost in them, forget I wrote them and can't put them down. I also didn't have a TelivisiTelevisionild so books were my escape.

I was determined to get my story out so the world would know, so this book "April was here" picked the genre for me. My next two books I chose the genres because they are what I love to read. "It doesn't get dark until midnight" is the story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness with a young woman as the heroin. Lions and tigers and bears oh my, and of course horses. "Enter (at your own risk)" is a psychological thriller in the Dean Koontz or Steven King style. it isn't what you may think, it will stop you from ever entering another contest again.

Reading is a luxury now as I must spend so much time writing, rewriting and writing some more. I love any book that grabs me, makes me sad when I have to put it down and has an ending that leaves me wanting more.

I had someone say to me once "April, I don't know how you have survived your life." I looked at them and said "I didn't know I had a choice." I live to write and I learn from each experience. I wouldm't be wouldn't today without all of the yesterdays. No regrets, just memories to make, keep and share.

Writing and all that goes with it is my life. I fit everything else in around it. A writer writes, edits, promotes, does signings, writes some more and makes dinner somewhere in between. I am also fortunate to have a husband that is very supportive and understanding.

This book is such an unusual book. It's hard to explain it. The story is so hard to believe that some people think it's not true, but I assure you every word of it is. This is a book of survival by a young girl from her childhood through her young adult life. It is full of heart wrenching abuse, unreal and constant events that are jaw dropping. This book grabs the reader and leaves them with their mouths open. It is truly unforgettable. It is so full that reading it is the only way to catagorize it. categorize 5 books in one.

In this book the characters are real so I didn't have to create them. In my other books the charactures creacharacters.createite as if I am watching a movie. I said to a friend once that I was sending a few chapters at a time to as I finished them, "Wasn't it neat when such and such happened? I bet you didn't expect that." She wrote back, 'April, you are so funny, you act like you didn't know that was going to happen." It was hard for me to understand her because i didn't know what was happining until happeninged. That is just the way I write, I start with one sentance and the sentence then write themselves. Now, if only they would edit themselves. :) I am ambivilant about admitting this but I only completed the eighth grade. I am a story teller, not an english major.

I will do another free promotion on Amazon Kindle so watch for that and get my books free when you get the chance. I also am doing this interview so more people can learn about me and my books. I love doing book signings but can only reach people in small quantity that way. I find that the internet is the way of future for all writers.

You can check my books on and search inside all of them before you decide if they are right for you as a reader. Just look under April O'Brien or under the title of each book. You can also check out my books at Independant author network or at my website there you can learn much about me and my life, my books and find all the ways to connect to me on twitter, facebook and otherface social media.

Thank each of you that took the time to read this interview, I hope it allowed you to learn a little about me and my books and a big thank you to Amy for being willing to interview me.

April O'Brien

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