Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Empowered Book Excerpt!

Author Darlene Jones visits my blog and shares with us an excerpt from her book, Empowered.


“Honey, can you talk to me? Please. Talk to me.”

The little girl stared straight ahead, eyes wide, unblinking. In all her years of teaching, Mrs. Craig had never encountered anything like this with a student—this … trance …?

“Sweetheart, come back. Come back.” She rubbed the child’s back; saw the flicker of an eyelid. Thank God. “Sweetheart?”

“Where are they?” the girl asked. She looked around the room and then at her teacher. “Where are they?”


“The babies.”

“What babies, sweetie?”

“The babies all in pieces.”

Jaz crawled out of bed. Three in the morning and she wouldn’t sleep now. She was seeing them again—the visions from her childhood. They’d been with her forever, tucked into a back corner of her mind, hovering over her protectively. Now why did she think of them as protective when they were mostly bloody and brutal and harsh and cruel? What happened in those visions was atrocious; she’d known that even as a child, so why hadn’t she been afraid then? Why wasn’t she afraid now? Why did she think of them as a safeguard, a shield? And a shield against what? Those babies in pieces … She shuddered, wrapped her arms around herself and paced.

God, she had to find him—the man she could share this with, the man who would help carry the burden, the man she’d been promised in those dreams.

Who was Jasmine in that other life? Why is she so sure she is invincible? Where will her beliefs lead?

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