Deadly Affair, A SCVC Taskforce Novella

Misty Evans & Amy Manemann

Chapter Excerpt

“After we check in, can we take a walk around the property? I’m dying to see this koi pond.” Celina tapped a tapered fingernail on a picture in the brochure, holding it up for Cooper to see.

His brows drew down a bit and his voice came out with forced cheeriness. “Anything you want, sweetheart.”

He’d been thinking of an activity that involved fewer clothes, no doubt. “Anything?” She arched an eyebrow, deciding to throw him a bone. “The possibilities are endless.”

He chuckled, low and husky. She shivered, her body humming from the sound. From the first time she’d met him, Celina had known Cooper was the man for her.

Of course, that hadn’t stopped him from fighting tooth and nail to keep her at bay. In the end though, Celina had gotten what she wanted.

And she wanted Cooper.

He goosed the gas pedal to speed around a car, and Celina pressed a hand to her stomach as it gave a lurch. Please, oh please, don’t throw up, she pleaded with herself, taking deep, steadying breaths. Finding out she was eight weeks pregnant when she went for a check-up had rocked her to the core.

Covertly, she stole a peek at Cooper from the corner of her eye. He had such a handsome face that sometimes it stole her breath. Rugged and tanned, with a dangerous glint in his eye that spoke of many years spent treading in dangerous waters, he gave others pause. But not her. He was a bad boy through and through—her bad boy.

His arm flexed, revealing a glimpse of muscle under the edge of his t-shirt. Celina knew every inch of his delectable body by heart, from every hardened plane to every muscle ridge. Yet her heart still raced every time he was near.

She hadn’t told him yet about the baby. She’d had every intention of telling him a few nights ago, but he’d been called in to work, as so often happened. When he’d surprised her with the trip the next day, she’d decided to wait and break the news once they arrived. Surely, there would be a perfect moment at such a romantic place, right?

He seemed so happy, so content with how things were. This was going to change everything between them.

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